Opal Fever

‘A Journey with Colour’
The history of Opal is one of heartbreak, frustration, determination and at times success at incredible odds. Rich in myths and legends, once again the Opal Rush is on! for the Australian Opal is about to be re-born…
The Queensland Opal originally attracted interest at the London International Gem Exhibition in 1873. By 1875 there had been a number of incredible finds and interest began to grow, but it wasn’t until, 1888 that a young surveyor turned entrepreneur from Adelaide made a determined effort to market the Opal. It was due to his sheer determination at convincing the gem merchants of the world to accept the gem as a valuable and precious stone that we now have a viable industry today. This did not impress the diamond traders who feared the threat of these obviously more beautifully pure gemstones…and the diamond traders set out to give the opal a bad name…. but that’s all in the eye of the beholder – a bit like the Emperors Clothing – for the Opal with it’s colorful beauty combines all the colors of every other precious gem stone and this is what creates it’s magical powers..

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