Opal Gallery


Every opal is unique, our collection includes a diverse variety of shape, size and colour. Each piece is a work of art – organically evolved, to suit the individual. Special requirements are reliably sourced from a wide range of mining locations within Australia. Most of our opal is sourced in the rough and with expert precision our opal is refined to the finest quality.

“a rare piece of Australian Antiquity”

Opals are often referred to as the fire of the desert – a mesmerising display of all the colours of the rainbow.

Opal Fever: Once bitten by the Opal Bug, (when logic, reason & romance bring a true appreciation of the magic of opal), there is no turning back. No other gemstone can display all the colours of the spectrum in such an infinite variety of shades, patterns and brilliance. No two are identical; for this reason the proud owner can delight in the fact that their gem is unique. We often say “you didn’t find your opal, your opal found you” .

‘the coloured spirtit of the Australian outback’