Aurora Earth

Welcome to the Gallery of Aurora Earth Handcrafted Opal

‘Coloured Spirit of the Australian Outback’ TM

We offer “a rare piece of Australian antiquity

Ethically and sustainably mined by artisan prospectors

Our purpose is to share the beauty of Australian opal around the world,
enabling these mesmorising gemstones to speak for themselves . . .
while supporting ethical & sustainable artisan mining in the Australian outback. It is said that, “You didn’t find your opal – your opal found you”

Specialising in 100% pure (solid) Australian Opals.
Most Exquisite, Rare, Unique and Colorful Opal found in the World.
No Chemicals, No Substitutes.

The Aurora Earth collection includes;

  • Australian (pure/solid) Opals
  • Rare Gems for Collectors
  • Opal for Investment
  • Opalised Antiquities & Fossils
  • Artifacts & Specimens
  • Unique designer & Artisan Jewellery
  • Opal in the rough
  • Gemstones
  • Holistic Healing Stones

Every opal is unique, our collection includes a diverse variety of shape, size and colour. Each piece is a work of art – organically evolved, to suit the individual. Special requirements are reliably sourced from a wide range of mining locations within Australia. Most of our opal is sourced in the rough and with expert precision our opal is refined to the finest quality.

Opals are famously known as the great power stone, exhibiting a mesmerising display of all the colours of the rainbow , they include the depth of colour and diversity of all other gemstones, awarding opal the all-encompassing tittle ‘Symbol of equality’. Long recognised as a natural and dynamic healing stone, legend claims the opal to be a self purifying stone bringing luck wealth and beauty to the beholder. A precious gemstone, the opal is a treasured artifact that promises to enchant and bedazzle the senses for endless time. Renowned as the finest quality opal found in the world. Gem quality Australian opal is becoming rare to find. Considered a finite resource, ensures the financial investment of the Australian opal to appreciate over time. Presented as a gift to bestow, the opal is the perfect heirloom piece, .

Aurora Earth provide personal service with a gratification assurance on our range of precious opal and related service. Please feel welcome to contact us directly to discuss your opal choice and unique requirements.

Enjoy our gallery of dazzling opal collections